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Bob George Bob George

Pioneer of twin engine technology.
Designed a patented liquid cooling system for Harley-Davidson.

Bob George was born in Glendale, California, in 1939. At 15, he traded a Salisbury scooter for two broken 45-cubic-inch Harley-Davidsons, which he combined to make one running machine. He traded the 45 for an 80-ci UL, then used the flywheels form the UL to build an 80-ci Knucklehead engine. His first trip to Bonneville was in 1958 with C. B. Clauson, who owned a 96-ci Knucklehead named The Brute. Geroge, a pattern maker by trade, began to build his own dual-engine machines in 1960. He built both open and fully streamlined machines and gave Dave Compos his start as an LSR pilot. In addition to being the first man to make twin-engine machines run effectively, in 1972 George designed a patented liquid cooling system for Harley-Davidson engines. The late Don Vesco piloted one of George's streamliners to a gas record of 208 miles per hour in 1991.