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Fred Ham Fred Ham

Record-breaking long-distance rider of the 1930's.

On April 8, 1937, former Big Bear Enduro winner and holder of the Three Flags endurance record (Canada to Mexico), Fred Ham set off aboard a Knucklehead to break endurance records of up to 24 hours, set by Wells Bennett aboard an Indian in 1922. The feat was conducted with an engine prepared by Bill Graves over a 5-mile circular course at California's Muroc Dry Lake. Twenty-four hours after his departure, Ham took the checkered flag, having set 44 separate speed and distance records and increasing the 24-hour distance fro 1,562.54 miles at an average speed of 65.12 miles per hour to 1,825 miles at an average speed of 76.62 miles per hour. The historic performance left no doubt that the Knucklehead was both fast and reliable.