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George & Marge Smith George Smith

Owners of S&S Cycle Ranch.
Developers of land speed equipment.

By the 1950s, George Smith, Jr., was a dominant drag racer in the Chicago area and in 1954 set a land speed record at Bonneville using pistons, cylinders and heads of his own fabrication. In 1958, Smith and Stanley Stankos founded S&S Cycle Equipment. A year later George and Marjorie Smith bought out Stankos. In 1963, they purchased property in Viola, Wisconsin, and named it the S&S Cycle Ranch. Smith and Leo Payne started developing fuel carburetors in 1967, and in 1968, Smith formed a partnership with Warner Riley for engine development. Both Payne and Riley became members of the prestigious Bonneville 200 Mile Per Hour Club with S&S-developed equipment. In fact, few V-twins seen in drag racing, hill climbing or land speed records today are not equipped with S&S parts. George died in 1980, and Marge died in 1992. In 1994, the Smiths were inducted into the National Motorcycle Hall of Fame at Sturgis and in 1997 into the Rocky Mountin Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame.