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Ronnie Rall Ronnie Rall


Born in Mansfield, Ohio, in 1938, Ronnie Rall began racing local scrambles at the age of 17. Because his mother would not sign for him at 18, Rall's professional career did not begin until he was 21. Riding motorcycles tuned by Edgar Fuhr, he won his first national at Heidelberg, Pennsylvania, in 1963, and repeated the following week at the Charity Newsies in Columbus, Ohio. When offered a Harley-Davidson factory ride after his 1964 season (the only year he campaigned the whole national circuit), Rall declined because of his responsibilities to the family dairy farm. Thereafter, he raced selected national championships and utterly dominated local and regional races for many years. Today, Ronnie Rall, his wife, Allison, and seven children run a dairy farm in Michigan. Rall flies for a hobby and still occasionally races at vintage events. He was inducted in to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2001.