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Warner Riley Warner Riley

Land speed racer and engine builder.

Warner Riley was born in Chicago in 1941, got involved in street racing Sportsters iin 1961, and earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois in 1964. In 1967, he began to enter the speed trials at Bonneville with the goal of joining the famed and exclusive 200 Mile Per Hour Club, which he achieved in 1971. Riley, a skilled engine builder, was chosen by Harley-Davidson racing chief Dick O'Brien to supply the engine used for Cal Rayborn's 265-miles-per-hour world record run. Throughout his racing career, Riley has established the astonishing record of 18 records in 19 attempts. Riley raced at Bonneville as recently as 2000. Today he is a product liability defense consultant, providing expert testimony for Harley-Davidson and other motorcycle manufacturers.