Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

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"Mr Althoff, I want to let you know my total satisfaction with the extraordinary service that Katie and Travis offered during my visit last Sunday. Despite the traffic, Katie respond to me immediately and Travis has fixed the problem on my motorcycle in the most professional way and at an incredible speed ... In a world where the only difference is service, A.D Farrow, wins the palm top hand. Hat off to your staff ! 5 stars!"
By: Gabriel Coderre

"Good morning! i recently visited your store on 5/21. Upon arrival, I was allowed to browse for a little while before being approached. This was the first sign I knew i was in the right place. After browsing for 10 minutes or so, I was approached by sales person Mark Engelbach. Upon first introductions, I was confident I had made the right choice in Harley Davidson dealers! Mark was an absolute joy to deal with! We talked for about 10 minutes, he showed me around your facility, explained options, and slowly became more of a friend than a salesman. I have never been more relaxed and comfortable in a dealership than I was today. Mark truly made me feel like a part of the family! I have decided to purchase my next motorcycle from A.D. Farrow Harley Davidson and I couldn't be more excited! Thank you again for a wonderful experience! Please give a special shout out to Mark for his phenomenal customer service and wonderful personality! I look forward to many years of business with A.D. Farrow Harley Davidson!"
By: Travis    NorthStar

"I walked out of another H.D. Dealership due to salesperson only wanting to know “how much I could spend”. He did not pay attention when I told him what style of bike I was interested in… just kept steering me to bikes I didn’t like but that fit a price (so he thought) I could afford. At Centennial-Park, they were much different. They wanted to know what I have been riding, what kind of riding I like to do, what kind of rides I anticipated over the next few years etc… They encouraged me to test ride several different bike that fit those needs."
By: Ben 

"Ive been to a few other HD shops and they can take lessons from A.D. Farrow on how to treat their customers. Best shop around in my book and will highly recommend them to my friends."
By: Joesph 

"The Mothers Day roses were really great along with the grilling out and low pressure sale!"
By: Megan 

"They made every effort possible to make sure everything went smoothly. They even moved two new bikes off the showroom floor so I could put my 2010 Softail Deluxe there for a photoshoot. I am getting to the age (almost 70) where I had to switch to a trike, but I had a lot of memories associated with the Softail Deluxe. Since A.D. Farrow Co. is the oldest Harley Dealer in the countermand part of their showroom floor is a replica of the original storefront of Farrows, I asked the management if my son, Nick (professional photographer) would be allowed to take pictures of me and my Softail Deluxe in front go the Storefront replica and they agreed to it and moved the two new Harley's to a different room for me. Very impressive! "
By: Michael 

"Such a complete dealership. I half expected to be offered an HD tattoo before leaving. Zero pressure to buy a motorcycle, but I did feel valued as a customer. There is obviously a process in place and it’s a very good one. On the flip side. We (wife & I) never felt like we were being “processed”. Memories matter, and this is a great beginning. Thanks! "
By: Kevin    

"I would like to express my gratitude to a few of your employees… I was on my way to Sandusky Bike Week Friday late in the day. My buddy and I had made it just north of Centerburg when my shifter broke! I had to limp it south to NorthStar shifting it creatively to get there. What a hassle!! I was pretty bummed (pissed off really)! We arrived with less than 10 minutes before closing so I thought for sure there was no way I am getting anything done! I pulled up in front of the garage door and stated I had a problem and I am on my way to Bike Week! Travis, one of the techs, said he knew what it was and went to grab some tools. I believe it was Mark, another tech, who went for the parts and Katie, service writer, started the paper work! I couldn’t believe it! They all jumped on it right away! Katie said don’t worry we will get you on the road! They even took care of a recall and still had me out in about 30 minutes!! They did everything right where it sat! They took what I thought was going to be a major set-back and turned it into an awesome experience and got me on the road! It ended up being a great Bike Week! Thank you Katie, Travis, and Mark!! You all ROCK!!! Shawn Crace a.k.a. Fester, The Dead MC Loyal Customer and 2014 Ultra LTD owner BTW Jerry was an awesome sales person when I bought my Ultra also! (don’t want to leave him out & hurt his feelings)"
By: Shawn    

"I called about the 06 ultra classic and spoke with Josh he was very informative and patient with my questions .I advised him that I couldn't make it up to Columbus till Friday and he said he would hold the bike for me. When I arrived from Florence KY I was greeted with friendly people and not pressured into my purchase... Awesome people to deal with and will definitely have my business in the future"span>
By: Rick    Florence,KY

"My girlfriend and I stopped in on Saturday, 9/17/16. I have been wanting a Harley for many many years now, unfortunately we did not buy anything, yet. Although we did not buy anything, I cannot speak high enough about David Britt. Not only did he teach both my girlfriend and I more about motorcycles, he also helped me out with talking my girlfriend into letting me purchase one in the near future. David is an exceptional salesman, he takes his time to educate the potential buyer on the certain product they are wanting, he is not pushy like other salesmen I have dealt with in the past. He understands his customers priorities and does not try and talk you into making a decision on the spot. After my girlfriend and I left, I told her repeatedly that when the time comes for me to purchase my dream bike that I will be buying it from David. So David, thank you for taking the time and educating Kristin and myself about more than just the motorcycle. It truly was a 5 star experience and I will be back to purchase a Street Glide from you!!"
By: Tim    Comlumbus,OH

"Just picked up my 04 ultra today at the Northstar service dept. I would like to thank everyone for there exceptional work ... It took awhile to do all repairs I needed but I was always kept up to date in the progress and I knew it was being done right !!! Thank you very much, Jeff"
By: Jeff    ,XX

By: Nicholas    Utica,OH

"I bought my first bike from centennial park. Matt Bonnell was the best. I wish all sales men was this great he was helpful,personable and professional,and went over and beyond to help me get my frist Harley. Thanks"
By: Greg    Heath,OH

"I have bought several bikes now from AD Farrow. Each time I felt that Jerry Collier went above and beyond, from understanding my needs as a customer to making me feel part of a family. This guy is a gem!"
By: Aaron    Athens,OH

"David Britt the salesman is the best sales guy I have ever meet in my life, he takes his time with you answers all the questions you have and makes you feel comfortable asking questions even if they seem silly to you. He puts the customer first even if you're a new rider and don't know anything about Harley's. By far A.D Farrow is the best Harley dealer I've been to, and the only one I'll make future bike purchase from. I will recommend A.D Farrow Northstar to anyone that ask me where to go just because the atmosphere and people down there make the experience of buying bikes that much greater. I have purchased two Harley's from them and travel two hours from canton Ohio to get to A.D Farrow Northstar in Sunbury because every Harley dealer around me like Adventure in Dover and Freedom in North Canton Ohio I have had bad experiences and treated very poorly and will not even go into them to buy a t-shirt from them. Hands down by far A.D Farrow is the best Harley dealer I have been in so far from Cleveland Ohio to Tennessee and will recommend anyone that ask me what kind of bike to buy and where from it will always be a Harley from A.D Farrow Northstar."
By: Zach    Canton,OH

"The staff were very friendly and welcoming as soon as I came into the store. My salesman, David Britt, was very knowledgeable about the product and answered all my questions to a T. He went above and beyond to help me find the right bike for me. David made me excited to purchase a bike, and also helped me sign up for the riders course so I will be ready to hit the road as soon as possible. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else looking to purchase a bike."
By: Rose Madeline "Maddie"    Hillard,OH

"I just wanted to take the time and say thank you to the team at the A.D. Farrow location downtown. My experience was top notch and I really wanted to give credit where credit is due. When I came in last Sunday, I had in mind a few bikes that I was interested in after viewing the website. I had went to another location the week before and there were very few options in the price range I was interested in, however the salesman there sort of drove me in a direction I wasn't interested. That is when I decided to come to the downtown location with my wife and 3 year old. I didn't know at the time, but it was going to be the best decision I could have made. When I got there, I was greeted by a team of guys that were immediately ready to help. I explained how I saw 3 particular bikes on the website that I was interested in. Dino immediately took me out to show me all of them. This is where things changed for me. Going in, I was pretty intimidated by the atmosphere. While I have only been riding for a year, there was no judgment and a lot of in depth teaching about what I was looking at. He asked great open ended questions to really find out what my goals and hopes were for purchasing a bike. While I had went in thinking about a Dyna (since that is what my uncles and cousins all ride), he taught me about the differences in riding, style, comfort, and even a bit of history on everything. Also, he involved my wife and daughter. It wasn't just him talking to me, he spoke with all of us as a family. While going through the options, by this time he knew my price range, riding goals, and how I wanted my family involved. We narrowed it down to two bikes and they worked up the numbers for financing with me. Once again, no pressure, just straight shooting and explaining to the difference in costs, mileage, age, and reasonings behind the bike. You could also tell that the sell wasn't about getting me into the biggest and most expensive bike. It was about finding the right bike for me. I sat on each one, got a feel, and learned about the differences. It should be noted that the hour and a half I was in there, my 3 year old was introducing herself to every grown up she met in the store. And every employee met her with a smile. She was even given a bag of jelly beans (which made her day). Then, by the end of the visit she was literally crawling through the sales manger's legs like a bridge. LOL. It was apparent the love for kids he had, especially being a grandparent. And my daughter recognized that too. So now we add another part to the experience, family. Strolling into a shop and within the hour feeling like these folks genuinely care about you. It was huge. So, after talking about the financing strategy, we decided to step out for a couple hours. Heck, Dino even recommended some good places close by to check out. A few hours passed and after I dropped my family off at home, I went back down to the store. I was still debating between the Dyna and the Road King at this point though. When I got there, I asked Dino if we could go back out and check some things again. Without hesitation we walked right back out (In the rain) and went over the bikes again. We just reviewed the thoughts I had, revisited the purpose and goal I was looking for. In the end, I went with the Road King. The reason: It fit my lifestyle, riding goals, family interaction, and was well within my price range. So, that brings us up to the part where we do the paperwork. I dreaded this part. I have been in dealerships sitting at a desk for hours waiting on paperwork for a new vehicle to be done up. Bored. That's when they kicked in the "poker run" style tour of the store. Not gonna lie. My first thought (being a businessman myself) was that "This is the part where they are gonna walk me around the store, try and sell me 1,000 worth of gear and accessories, and just play off the excitement and adrenaline I have going on this purchase". But, I went along with it. Hey, I had nothing better to do and it will kill some time. And they even got the card thing happening and said I may win something in the end. I first went over to the clothing area and accessories. I knew if this is where they are gonna get me for some cash, this would be it. But, truth be told I didn't have much room to spend a lot. They let me know that no strings attached, just write down some things you are interested in, just as a wish list if I came back sometime. That put me at ease. This is where I want to give credit to the manager over in that area. She was absolutely phenomenal. She wasn't there to sell me on anything I wasn't interested in, she was there to educate me. Which is exactly what she did. She taught me about the type of jackets, venting, materials, and protection. She also taught me about helmets and taking care of them against the weather and aging. And, after helping me find the right size to a $500 jacket, we wrote it down on my wish list and gave me her contact information. Went to the other stations. No pressure, just introductions to the team members there and letting me know they are there for me if I need anything. So the timing was spot on and by the time I learned about the team and the store it was time to do the paperwork. Mind you, it was almost closing time and there was still not a "rushed" feeling. This is where Pokey comes in and goes through the paperwork with you. The whole time there is no pressure to hurry up and get paperwork done. I had questions and they were answered in depth and straight forward. It is also where I learned about H.O.G. This was really cool, because I do not have any riding buddies. When it was time to go, we set up the delivery information (since I wasn't comfortable riding it home) and I went ahead and left. Fast forward a week later and I got a call from Dino just following up. I had some questions that had come up on the bike and he let me know to bring it on down and have a walk-around with one of the service folks to teach me about it. We didn't have it done first since I had it delivered to me. So I rode down today to meet up with everyone. Amy came out to the lot and went in depth about what I was riding, maintenance, parts, and any other questions I had. She didn't make me feel dumb for not knowing about the bike or how it worked in certain areas. She made me feel comfortable teaching me about the intricacies of it and how to stay safe. So there it is. A freakin' story of an email. Sorry about that. Thing is, I couldn't just give credit to one or two folks. I have to give credit to an entire store and it's people that make it run. The experience from looking, buying, financing, family, and educating all came into play. Not once did I feel like I was being "sold". How does that happen? I believe it is because when people are passionate and do what they love, there is no effort needed to making someone be confident in their purchase. Thanks again guys. Not only has my life changed on the road forever, you have a customer for life and an entire family who will never forget that Sunday!"
By: Rick    Columbus,OH

"Alexis Abram was my sales person, she is fabulous. I will definately give her name to any friends looking for a new motorcycle."
By: Melissa    Columbus,OH

By: Anonymous    Pataskala,OH

"Great experience--glad to know that there are people who care more about the experience than just the sale. I bought my first bike from here in 2010, and again, great experience in 2015! Sales were great, clothing was great, and was parts! Rockin out Jerry, Jessica and Stella!!!"
By: Robert    Westerville,OH

"Love the Classic look of the Dealership. Everyone so friendly. Not pushed to buy,buy,buy. And it was a Great ride up from Dayton. Sure we will be back up. Stay safe this season, and all the seasons to come. Ron Simpkins, Dayton, Ohio."
By: Ronald    Dayton,OH

"I am currently attending MMI in Phoenix. I have been to multiple Harley dealerships in Arizona and Ohio, and your customer service is far above any that I have experienced. Your dealership is awesome!"
By: Shawn    ,XX

"A history of personal relationships and positive experiences at this dealership helped to instill confidence in my purchase of this new Harley-Davidson Motorcycle."
By: Gregory    Orient,OH

"I bought my FIRST Harley from A.D. Farrow in 1976 again in 1977 and again in 2010 and would never consider any other dealer, believe me the PEOPLE make the difference!"
By: Phillip    Delaware,OH

"Bob, I wanted to say thanks for the great service at North Star yesterday. I purchased a 2015 CVO Street Glide, my 3rd Harley from AD Farrow. Jerry Collier went above and beyond sales expectations. As did the whole staff in all depts. Being in sales myself, I know that my customers can get the same products from my competitors. But service is the deciding factor. And your team hit it out of the park. Sincerely, Paul Rush"
By: Paul    ,XX

"Dear Mr. Althoff, It was a pleasure meeting you on Thursday, September 18, as I was preparing to go into the F&I office to wrap-up paperwork on the 2012 Road King Classic I purchased that day. Thank you for taking time to speak with me. I expressed it at the time, but please know that my buying experience at the Northstar store was exceptional. Many thanks to Jerry Collier for the direction he provided throughout the process. I met Jerry during the rider class the weekend before, and he shared with me information on purchasing an HD bike. Didn’t pull any punches, either. I’ve been selling most of 30 years, and I appreciate it when I’m treated properly by a sales professional - questions asked were answered, directions provided as needed, and corrections made when I misinterpreted something. Most important, he asked for my business. Please extend my appreciation to Jerry for the courteous, professional treatment I received. Additionally, I appreciate the friendliness and courtesies offered up by Natalie Laine, Tracy Bayly, Jessica Jackson, Dave Rife, and Bill Grether. Each took time to review with me their respective areas of the dealership. I met Natalie a month ago when I stopped in ahead of the rider class. She was most helpful at the time, and really got the ball rolling. Frankly, everyone made my wife and me feel welcomed at the dealership. Last, Bill Grether took time to answer questions when he delivered my bike on Friday. Lots of good information and glad to have the opportunity to review things Jerry covered the day before. Altogether, a terrific experience. Looking forward to seeing everyone as I develop as a rider. Thanks again to everyone. My best, Steve M."
By: Steven    ,OH

By: Kelly    Phoenix,AZ

"Just had to take a moment to drop you a line to thank you for taking so much time to talk with me yesterday. I went home so fired up at the thought of a motorcycle (but not just ANY cycle... a Harley!) and I was so impressed with your organization that I have even gone so far as to submit my resume! Thanks again and have a great day!"
By: Steven    New Albany,OH

"You know, owning a Harley is like having an old shoe that you just can't get rid of. It fits good, it wears good, it feels good, it's an extension of you. AD Farrow is just that. You want something done and done right, you go to the people you trust and have dealt with. Hey look, it's simple, if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it! No more needs to be said!"
By: James    Circleville,OH

"Dealership is just GREAT to work with. Sales, Parts, Service, Motor Clothes are Awesome and make you feel Welcome and at home. Between my Wife who rides and myself we have purchased 4 new bikes from this dealership and will buy a new 2015 Ultra Limited from them next year for my wife. We are DEDICATED Members of The Harley Davidson Family and believe there is No Better Motorcycle Made Today."
By: Tim    ,OH

"You have an excellent facility and extremely knowledgeable staff. Natalie is a great asset to your company. Your store looks so awesome!"
By: Alan    ,OH

"Friendliest dealership around , everyone is awesome, great job!"
By: Timm    Reynoldsburg,OH

"Jerry, our salesman, was exceptional! He has continued to update me on events and checking in with me on how my bike is performing. Will definitely purchase from him again. :)"
By: Billy    ,OH

"I couldn't have been more happy with the people who helped me through this whole process of purchasing this bike. I will be back to Centennial to purchase my next HD."
By: Ryan    ,OH

"Salesperson went out of his way to help me, I didn't know that much about touring bikes, Jerry really helped me. Thank you! "
By: Robert    ,OH

"My salesman, Louie Lopez was very helpful in getting the deal done on my bike, he and Nancy stayed late so I could get my old bike from home and get it to the dealership to finish the deal on one day since I was leaving town the next day. Extra thanks to them both!!!"
By: Ronald    ,OH

"This is my fourth bike from A.D. Farrow Co., will not go anywhere other than A.D. Farrow Co."
By: Richard    ,OH

"This was one of the best sales/buying processes I have ever had."
By: Timothy    ,OH

By: Jeremy    ,OH

"We have been dealing with A.D. Farrow Co. NorthStar since it opened. We feel good as a soon as we walk through the door. Jerry has worked with us a lot on parts and everything we would be interested in. Joe and Rachel in MotorClothes have been great with us. We enjoy going to this dealership they make you feel like family."
By: Clarence    ,OH

By: Anonymous    Columbus,OH

"My name is Mike Snizik. I'm with the Cut n' Shoot, Texas H.O.G. Chapter. I stopped in to your downtown location on October 13th of this year while on a cross country trip from Boston, MA. to Portland, OR. Everything about your organization is truly unique and outstanding. The heritage of your dealership something to be very proud of. Your entire staff is THE best I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I'd like to recognize some of your employees. Heather in motorclothes was great! Knowledgeable, professional, gracious, upbeat, helpful to name a few. Dann, your sales manager is truly a cut above. His level of professionalism and his way of developing a quick connection is fantastic! (Shhh Don't tell anyone. I'm thinking I'll buy my next scooter from him!) Most of all I'd like to recognize Roland. His knowledge, patience and hospitality is unmatched. His passion for all that is Harley-Davidson; particularly the history of A.D. Farrow is astounding. I can't thank him enough! These individuals are truly a valuable asset to your organization and represent A.D. Farrow Co. in the best way humanly possible. Please pass on my thanks, gratitude and appreciation to them! Can’t wait to visit again! Sincerely, Michael Snizik a.k.a. Beggar"
By: Mike    ,TX

"Purchased a 2013 FLHTK from Jon Purple @Centennial Park. Jon went out of his way to answer any questions and help me during the process. Feel like I've known him for years. Entire store was helpful with additional items and questions for other products."
By: Jim    Zanesville,OH

"My wife & I were just there to look & get an idea of what kind of bike we would like. Naturally we were lookin at the Electra Glide & I asked if they allowed demo rides? Louie the sales associate we talked to said yeah no prob. They let me ride it around the parking lot which was perfect for getting a feel for the bike & my wife really liked the passenger accommodations. This was my first time on a cruiser & first time on an HD, & I must admit it was pretty nice/comfy. I can see why they are soo popular. Even tho we wernt ready to buy Lou wasn't pushy & didn't use cheesy sales tactics like "why not take it home instead of taking a picture". They let us browse & look around at our own pace. I can def see my wife & I taking trips on the Electra Glide, & will def go back to AD Farrow Northstar when we are ready to purchase. "
By: Anonymous    Marysville ,OH

"Our experience with A.D.Farrow was outstanding. We encountered a top notch team that went out of their way to make our event a memorable one. A big thank you to Doug Kamerer and the team!! All the best, Sandy Ryan METTLER TOLEDO"
By: Sandy    Columbus,OH

"just bought 2010 flhtc from jon purple and very pleased with the service i got from your staff.jon really went out of his way to take care of me.great place .mark northup from lancaster oh"
By: northup    lancaster,OK

"Excellent sales staff and all around professional staff. I personally have bought 10 (ten) bikes from AD Farrow and will return for the next 10. Thanks, Dr."
By: David    Crestline,OH

"After buying our Roadglide we've been to several other dealerships. I must say you have the friendliest people working there. It's always a pleasure going in there. Your parts people are the best. After stopping at Rossmeyer in Daytona and coming home with parts that wont fit I will only buy my parts from Northstar. "
By: Dennis    Marengo,OH

"I was overall pleased with the whole buying experience. Everyone was very kind and couldn't have helped more!"
By: Michael    Fulton,OH

"Great experience as always!"
By: Ralph    Deleware,OH

"My Sales person Tim Richards was the best!"
By: James    Columbus,OH

"Awesome Experience! JC - my salesman was top notch!"
By: Andrew    Lewis Center,OH

"We have been dealing with A.D. Farrow NorthStar (Sunbury, Oh) since it was opened. We feel good as soon as we walk through the door. Jerry has worked with us a lot on parts & everything we were interested in. Joe & Rachel in clothing were great to us too. We enjoy going to this dealership - the make you feel like family. Thank you! Lori & Clint"
By: C. W.    Ashley,OH

"This was my second bike from A.D. Farrow Co. - Both times good experience."
By: Phillip    Mansfield,OH

"Great dealership - Great experience with the the WHOLE team! And FYI - It was Riders Edge class instructors who set me on fire to ride! (Mark & Arnie)"
By: Diann    Gahanna,OH

"All of the personnel in the dealership have been outstanding. Whenever I stop in to look around or purchase additional items - they have always made me feel welcome and have always helped me the right way! Between the quality of the Bike and this dealership I am comfortable I made the right decision!"
By: James    Marysville,OH

"Mr. Althoff, On March 29, 2013 my wife and I had the pleasure of purchasing and transporting home a 2012 Street Glide motorcycle from your store located in Sunbury, Ohio. There are two reasons we travelled 10 hours from Connecticut to Ohio in order to buy this particular bike. First, we identified via internet that it was in stock in Sunbury. The ad was presented well with sufficient pictures and documentation to attract our attention. Second, but most importantly, your salesman Tim Richards conducted himself in a very proficient and professional manner. I was very impressed with his diligence in providing all the answers to my series of questions regarding the motorcyle. Tim went above and beyond to make this long distance transaction as seemless as possible. He conducted himself in a manner any business owner would be proud to have represent their company. Any question concerning specifics that he wasn't able to immediately answer, he responded back with the details in a timely fashion. I say without any reservation, Tim made this sale! Once at the store, I was quite impressed with not only the appearance of the facility, but equally all of your store employees were very friendly and helpfull. All in all, we had a great experience buying this motorcycle from your company. Please express my appreciation to your store manager, employees, and most importantly, to Tim for his assistance he gave throughout this transaction. Sincerely, Bill McGuire "
By: Bill    Monroe,CT

"i want to thank all the Harley supporters at the race for the cure. As i turned the corner on to high st. and saw a sea of harleys, As a survior I was overwhelmed at the warm, compassion and support I felt. I was so touched, that i had tears in my eys. THANK YOU to Harley Davidson and all that made up the THUNDER TUNNEL"
By: kelly    Columbus,OH

By: Anonymous    Westerville,OH

"Our salesman Aaron was great. He was very patient and understanding.I was not expecting to buy from you. But thanks to Aaron we are now the proud owners of a 2013 road glide ultra. Our first Harley. The whole dealership was great. "
By: Dennis    Marengo,OH

"I only purchased a T shirt but my experience at your dealership was really nice and it started right at the front door. When I walked in a gentleman greated me, introduced himself and I also told him my name. He then asked if we were first time visitors (June 2011) and if we need any assistance let him know. I thought that was great, walked around the dealership, saw the museum, which was a nice touch. Sales people said hello but did not hassle. Bought my shirt and when we were leaving the gentleman at the door actually remembered my name and the other 3 guys with me (i think that is amazing, 20 other people must have come and gone during our visit) and told us to enjoy our ride back up to Toronto. True quality coustomer service is a dying commodity I find but not at AD Farrow. I wish I could really express my experience better but not that good at spelling it out. Overall, I was impressed and i would actually like to do business with them again, would drive past 10 other HD dealers to do so. Cheers and keep up that personal touch, it's noticed. "
By: Paul    Milton,ON


"I brought my Road king in for 25,000 mile service and a new rear tire. While replacing the tire, the rear wheel was Inadvertently damaged. The service manager immediately called to inform me that they would replace the wheel free of charge. I appreciate the honesty and integrity of this dealer."
By: David    Grove City,OH

"The people at the NorthStar Dealership were by far the best I have ever been treated at any motorcycle shop. Great sales, great merchandise, great everything. I have told at least 20 people how well I and my wife were treated"
By: Rodney    ,OH

"As long as Harley-Davidson is always made in the United States, I will not buy or ride any other brand, and I will keep buying genuine H-D Products. The salesperson as A.D. Farrow went above and beyond to get my dream machine. it was easy and painless. I love Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the company, and the legacy"
By: Doran    ,OH

"Great Dealership. Very Nice People!"
By: Leonard    ,OH

"JC, great salesman, easy to talk to, no pressure, knowledgeable, would recommend to ANYONE!"
By: Brannon    ,OH

"All persons involved in the purchase of my first new Harley-Davidson were more than helpful and beyond."
By: Jeffrey    ,OH

"This bike was purchased for my mom. We were impressed by the attentiveness and friendliness of Brian and the other associates. This is our favorite Harley store. Everyone is more than willing to assist you I any way."
By: Sean    ,OH

"I did not visit the A.D. Farrow dealership with the intention of buyng. However, the salesperson, JC, made me feel so comfortable and made the decision easy. The ladies at the accessories counter made my wife part of the process and even managed to sell us about 1,500 in extras. I traded in a 2010 Goldwing for a 2012 road glide ultra and I am now Nothing but Harley guy! Thanks!"
By: Keith    ,OH

"On 4-9-12 we decided to go to A.D. Farrow because the other dealership was taking 1.5 weeks to process our application. Brian Edington, the salesman wonderfully helped us get our application together and through. Nancy Wirick, the general business manager made a huge effort and phone calls, our application was approved. We got to sign our papers that night. Nancy wirick and brian edington stayed after the store hours closed at 7:00pm They both worked till 9:00pm. We are grateful for their time and help."
By: Rita    ,OH

"I regret not buying from Harley-Davidson sooner!"
By: Kevin    ,OH

"Great Experience for first time rider!"
By: Antonio    ,OH

"A.D. Farrow Harley-Davidson is the best!"
By: Durand    ,OH

"This is my first harley and I’m very happy with it. A.D. Farrow was very nice to me, and did not pressure me but let me look around and make my own decisions."
By: Paul    ,OH

"I’m extremely pleased with both by new Harley as well as my continuing experience with A.D. Farrow at NorthStar."
By: Matthew    ,OH

"I am a believer in giving feedback so a place knows exactly what the consumer is thinking. I work for GM and we are consistantly graded by the customers perception of our service. Now with that being said, I had decided to purchase a Harley last month, and a friend of mine put me in contact with JC at the north star location. Keep in mind, i live 52 miles away and pass 2 different Harley dealers. But my friend raved about JC. And after a trip to the store, i could see why my friend spoke so highly of him. JC is very good at his job, and very informative. He knows his stuff. And that helped a great deal. Upon my decision to purchase a bike the next week, he made it a short painless procedure that ended with me riding off on my new bike. The overall dealership experience is a good one. Your parts and accessories manager i assume? She was really impressive. Your service department looked nice, the guy i spoke to seemed pretty intent on selling me service and whatnot, And the final phase, financing, also pretty seamless, she was good. However, i got the feeling she thought i was stupid for turning down the gap coverage. You probably just laughed. But it was the only hiccup in an otherwise perfect dealership experience. I will recommend AD Farrow to all that I encounter. Great work!"
By: Mark    west liberty,OH

By: Scott    Columbus,OH

"I have been an A.D. Farrow patron for many years. I love the Northstar location. The ride to and from Northstar is just as great of an experience as is the dealership. I spent about 2hrs there on Sat. the 8th of Dec. 2012. Part of it was just talking to Jeff Hill in the parts department. His helpfullness and attitude added to a very enjoyable experience."
By: James    canal winchester,OH

"To;A.D.Farrow Co.Sunbury,Ohio-I Thank You also so much I applaud everyone there,very friendly an professional staff,from the sales,to service,parts an the staff in the clothing apparell/bike accessories.These survey,rates everything at a (5) highest level.But in my own opinion everyone there deserves a(10).My sales person,Louie Lopez,Thanks Brother,I applaud you,excellent job,Thanks Again,Sincerely;Israel Cardenas"
By: Israel    La Feria,TX

"We love your store, however we did not purcahse our bikes with your dealer, everyone is very helpfull and you have the best selections of everything. Jewerly, clothing, accessories and parts. You have a very awsome dealership. I have been inseveral times and you have an awsome selection of gifts for the holiday! Very nice! "
By: amy    bradner,OH

"AD Farrow Harley-Davidson IS THE BEST!!"
By: Durand    Dublin,OH

"This is my first Harley and I am very happy with it. AD Farrow was very nice to me and did not pressure me. They let me look around and make my own decisions!"
By: Paul    Galion,OH

"We live and work 5 miles from a HD Dealership but drove 45 minutes for service and shopping @ AD Farrows!"
By: Dawn    Plain City,OH

By: Anonymous    COLUMBUS,OH

"Downtown is by far the best shop in my opinion, and I had the best sales experience as Sara did a fantastic job at everything, and kept in touch to find out how the new bike was, overall great salesperson, and great attitude and passion, thanks for all the help."
By: Anonymous    Gahanna,OH

"JC was great; he really listened and helped me select my new bike! The whole dealership made me feel like a rock star and I can't believe how much everybody went out the way to congratulate me and make me feel like I was part of their family. "
By: Sherry    Delaware,OH

"A.D. Farrow NorthStar is a terrific dealership! The building is gorgeous and I visit often. Mike Yunker was a wonderful salesperson. He was as interested in the fit of the bike to me as I was. He was as excited about the whole experience as I was! Great Guy! Jeff Lanzer and Nancy worked hard to close the deal and treated me with the up most respect and interest. They helped me get the bike of my dreams and still stay comfortably within my budget. Service - they are the best. Kelly, Johnny, Mitch and Shane worked with me to fit the bike to my short stature. I am extremely comfortable and happy thanks to them."
By: Tonya    Delaware,OH

"Very pleased with new bike. The sales staff and parts department were great. This is the second bike I have purchased in three years I am planning on buying another for my girlfriend in the spring. The parts and service departments do an awesome job and are very helpful. I might have saved a couple hundred dollars somewhere else - but I am really impressed with A.D. NorthStars Sales, Service and Parts Departments."
By: Steve    Lewis Center,OH

"For my first Harley purchase, I had a wonderful experience at A.D. Farrow. They actually have two dealerships within 4 min from my home. I have had the same experience at both dealerships. Bob Althoff definitely runs a top-notch organization with people dedicated to helping the customer whether buying a motorcycle or any other product in the store."
By: David    Grove City,OH
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