Why learn to ride here?

Because its better!

We often ask the question to our own staff... Where would you want your son, daughter or spouse to learn to ride? The Answer is enthusasticly - HERE!

We are the pioneers in private rider training in Ohio

If we are going to sell someone a powerful machine, we believe we have the responsibility to teach him or her how to ride it safely. That’s why, shortly after acquiring A.D. Farrow, owner Bob Althoff spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours successfully lobbying the State of Ohio to release its monopoly on rider training. In 2003, A.D. Farrow Co. launched the first-ever Rider’s Edge Program in the state, training more than 400 riders. And even though rider’s training is not mandatory in the state of Ohio, the state-run program saw an immediate 400% jump in enrollment, thanks to the publicity surrounding The now "Harley-Davidson Riding Academy". Both new and veteran motorcyclists seeking a superior experience prefer Harley-Davidson Riding Academy.

We offer:

• You will have your own personal Riding Academy Liaison from the moment you sign up.

• we have something called "JumpStart" spend just 15-20 minutes with us on our JumpStart and gain understanding of the "clutch and tension zone", Build your confidence and competance while familiarizing yourself with the motorcyle up shift, down shift and throttle - all before your class so that you can spend your range and class time more efficiently and focused on the fun!

• More Time. Our longer four-day course (compaired to 2 or 3 days elsewhere) provides more time on the bikes and in the classroom. We cover additional material and can spend more time on each exercise to thoroughly teach each skill.

• Better Instructors. While all of our instructors are required to teach three classes a year with the BMV, not all state instructors have been through the additional H-D training, certification, and interview process to become Riding Academy instructors.

• Better Equipment. Our course provides a fleet of dealership serviced 500cc motorcycles for each class. Learning on 500cc engine, as opposed to a 250cc engine, helps the rider transition much easier to a larger bike.

•Better Experience. It’s the difference between public and private training. Our program was designed for students who wanted more out of the learn-to-ride experience.

• Instant Certification. The riding and written evaluations are taken during the course, so a graduate from Riding Academy receives a completion card to take directly to the BMV for endorsement.

• Additionally you will receive 15% off riding gear starting at the time of enrolment through the end of your class.

• Superior facilites: Airconditoned state of the art classroom.

• Access to:
(We would venture to say there is no question about motorcycling that one of our staff can not answer).

But wait there is more! We offer a MONEY BACK GUARNTEE if you are not 100% satisfied with your A.D. Farrow Co. Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Experience!
Bob Althoff - Dealer Principal

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